The Infinite Game of Content Creation: Show Up, Be Patient, and Persist

Jan 15, 2024

Content Creation

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In the realm of content creation, success is often painted as a destination—a viral video or a trending blog post. But behind every overnight sensation lies an untold story of dedication and perseverance. Today's topic focuses on understanding this journey—the importance of showing up consistently and practicing patience.

Showing Up Every Day

The key to thriving in content creation is committing to the process. You need to show up every day, ready to make the most out of what you have within your allocated time frame. It's not just about relentless work; it's about engaging with your craft in a meaningful way that promotes continuous self-improvement.

Embrace Consistency

Creating content shouldn't be sporadic bursts of inspiration but rather a consistent effort that builds over time. This regularity helps you refine your skills and establish a connection with your audience who come to expect and look forward to your work.

Focus on Quality

It isn't just about quantity either—quality matters greatly. Each piece should represent the best possible work given current resources and knowledge so that each subsequent output has the potential for incremental improvement.

Patience Is A Virtue

Patience plays an integral role in content creation—it’s essential for weathering the slow periods when growth seems stagnant or non-existent.

Measure Joy & Learning Over Numbers

Instead of obsessively checking analytics, measure success by personal satisfaction and educational growth—are you enjoying creating? Are you learning new things? These are healthier metrics than view counts or follower numbers which can fluctuate unpredictably.

Understand The Long-Term Nature Of Success

Recognize that building an audience or mastering any skill takes time—often much more than initially anticipated. It’s important not only to accept this but also embrace it as part of the creative endeavor.

Persist And Resist: Guiding Principles For Creators

Inspired by Ryan Holliday’s phrase from his book "The Obstacle Is The Way," we learn two fundamental principles:

  1. Persist: Simply put, do not give up on yourself or your vision even when progress seems slow.
  2. Resist: Equally critical is resisting distractions that may veer you off course from achieving long-term goals.

Remember these tenets during challenging times—they're foundational guidelines for maintaining momentum in content creation despite obstacles along the way.

Practical Takeaways:

  • Show up daily — Make it non-negotiable.
  • Be patient — Trust in gradual progress.
  • Enjoyment & Learning — Let these drive performance evaluation instead of vanity metrics.
  • Persist through challenges — Remind yourself why you started.
  • Resist diversions — Keep focused on long-term objectives rather than short-lived trends.

In conclusion, if there's one thing all successful creators share, it's their unwavering commitment—to their craft, their schedule, their ongoing education—and above all else—to themselves throughout this infinite game called content creation.

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