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Create videos & clips with AI

Empower your storytelling with Klap’s AI-powered video maker. Effortlessly create bite-sized, engaging clips from your long-form videos in a few clicks – no software downloads or editing experience required.

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AI video maker for people who value their time

Discover the efficiency of Klap’s AI video maker, designed for creators who prioritize their time. Transform your videos into potentially viral clips effortlessly. With our free online video tool, you can generate caption-enabled clips manually or let our AI-powered tool extract highlights from your videos in a few seconds.

Make a short video with Klap in one click

Amplify the impact of your content with Klap’s one-click solution to make a short video clip. Ideal for those seeking efficiency without sacrificing quality, Klap is your go-to tool for creating teasers and main highlights of your videos that could break the scroll or even break the Internet.

Turn any long-form video into viral shorts

Transform your lengthy videos into viral sensations with Klap! Our tool can convert extended content into engaging, shareable clips. Perfect for amplifying your reach, this feature empowers you to captivate your audience with concise, impactful visuals.

How to create videos with Klap?

Upload your video

Start by uploading your long-form video to Klap. Our platform supports various formats, making it easy to begin crafting your unique video content.

Create clips with AI

Leverage Klap’s AI to transform your uploads into captivating clips. Tailor your content with our intuitive tools, crafting videos that resonate with your audience.

Export & share

Once you’re satisfied, export your creation in a high-quality format. Easily share your polished videos across platforms, engaging your audience with innovative content.

Features that make Klap better

AI editing

Klap’s AI editing revolutionizes video production, offering intelligent, automated cuts and enhancements for flawless, professional results.

Auto reframing

Klap’s auto reframing automatically adjusts your video’s aspect ratio, ensuring your content is ideally suited for any platform or device.

Engaging captions

Boost viewer engagement with Klap’s AI-generated captions, designed to complement your visuals and enhance your message’s impact and accessibility.


Tailor every aspect of your video with Klap’s extensive customization options, allowing you to align your content with your unique brand and vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a short video for free?

To whip up a short video without spending a dime, swing by Klap’s website. Upload your video, then trim it down with our easy editing tools. It’s all super straightforward and, best of all, totally free. Perfect for anyone keen on making cool videos without fuss or fees. Get ready to unleash your creativity and stun your audience.

What AI technology transforms full-length videos into shorter clips?

Klap’s clever AI is like a video wizard; it takes your long videos and magically turns them into engaging short clips. This intelligent tech digs through your footage, picking out the best bits to keep your viewers hooked. It’s all about making your content snappy and share-worthy, minus the editing headache. Just upload, sit back, and let the AI do it, ensuring your message shines!

What kind of videos are supported?

No matter your video format or length, Klap’s here to support it! From your cozy personal vlogs to those sharp, professional presentations, we’re all set to go. Are you working with MP4, AVI, or MOV? Perfect; we can handle them all. Our platform ensures you can upload, edit, and transform your content smoothly, bringing your creative ideas to life - hassle-free and without any limits.

How can I make a clip from a video?

To make a clip from a video, all you need is Klap! Have you got a video? Any video? Well, Klap’s got your back! Our platform welcomes all sorts - from your heartwarming vlogs to those slick professional presentations. MP4, AVI, MOV? We handle them all easily, ensuring your creative spark turns into a blazing fire of engaging content.

Is Klap a free video clip maker?

Klap lets you create your first video for free, and then it’s $29 a month. As a free video clip maker, it lets you get the hang of its features and outcomes so you can determine its true potential without spending a penny.