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Break language barriers with Klap's free AI video translator

Effortlessly translate videos with Klap’s AI video translator, connecting global audiences and enhancing accessibility in any language instantly.

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Automatically translate your videos into different languages

Turn your videos into a global experience with Klap’s AI-driven tool, smoothly translating your content for worldwide viewers. Open up the possibilities of sharing your message far and wide, ensuring your videos are watchable and engaging in any language. Klap supports 52 languages, allowing you to expand your influence, engage with varied audiences, and boost your impact without the hassle of traditional translation methods.

Improve accessibility and boost user engagement

Klap’s AI video translator boosts your content’s reach and accessibility, connecting your message with audiences worldwide. Our powerful tool expands your viewership and increases engagement as people connect better with content in their native language. By making your videos more inclusive, you’ll see a rise in user interaction, building a more engaged, unified community around your brand.

Streamline your workflow with automated solutions

Seamlessly enhance your content creation with Klap’s AI video translator, offering automated solutions that boost efficiency and save time. Our tool integrates into your routine, removing the manual effort of translation while ensuring consistent, top-notch results. Klap offers the convenience of automation, so you can focus more on creative storytelling and less on language challenges, transforming how you engage with international audiences.

How to translate video with Klap instantly?

Upload your video

Start by uploading your video to Klap. Our platform supports various formats, ensuring a smooth process regardless of the file type.

Translate with AI

Klap’s AI technology automatically translates your video, accurately capturing and converting the spoken words into subtitles in your target language.

Export & share

Once the translation is complete, you can easily export and share your video across platforms, instantly connecting with international audiences.

Features that make Klap better

Language support

Klap offers extensive language support, enabling translations across 52 languages and broadening your global reach effortlessly.

AI editing

Utilize Klap’s advanced AI editing to ensure precise translations, maintaining the original message’s integrity and context.

Accurate subtitles

Enhance viewer engagement with automatically generated, accurate subtitles that make your content accessible and inclusive.


Customize your subtitles to match your brand’s unique voice and style, providing your audience with a personalized experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI video translation?

AI video translation is a process carried out through sophisticated tools like Klap, that automatically transforms spoken language in videos into subtitles across multiple languages. It employs artificial intelligence to accurately recognize, translate, and sync spoken words with the video’s playback, ensuring a seamless and precise translation process. It’s perfect for creators, businesses, and educators aiming to connect with a broader, multilingual audience.

How can I translate a video into English or other languages?

Upload your video to Klap, and it will translate it into English or any language you prefer. Our AI quickly determines your video’s original language and then translates the audio into subtitles in your chosen language. Select the language you want, let the AI handle the translation, and your video will be ready in no time, perfectly maintaining the original meaning and context.

Why choose AI for video translation?

Choosing AI for video translation offers unmatched speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It instantly eliminates language barriers, ensuring your content is accessible worldwide. AI constantly evolves, offering translations that grasp cultural subtleties and context. This technology streamlines the translation process, cuts costs, and broadens the reach of your content, making your videos more captivating for viewers worldwide while preserving the integrity of the original message.

How many languages can I translate my video to?

Klap’s AI video translator lets you convert your videos into 52 languages, spanning a broad range of global dialects. This capability enables you to reach varied audiences, ensuring your content is universally accessible and valued. Whether your goal is broad exposure or focusing on particular language groups, selecting from numerous languages gives you the power to effectively engage and communicate with viewers worldwide.

How can I download my translations?

After translating your video with Klap, downloading your translations is straightforward. Once the AI finishes translating, you can download your translated content from our platform, and this might be as subtitled videos or separate subtitle files, depending on your preference. Hit the download button, and your translated video, complete with embedded or separate subtitles, will be saved onto your device, all set for whatever you use.

Do I need to download an app to translate a video?

No, you don’t need to download an app to translate a video with Klap. Our online platform allows you to translate videos directly from your web browser. Just upload your video and let the AI-powered algorithm translate it into your desired language. Klap is all about convenience; we give you access to powerful translation tools anytime, anywhere, without extra software or apps.