Video Resizer

Adapt your videos to any platform with Klap's free AI video resizer

Easily resize your videos for any platform using Klap’s AI video resizer. Enjoy seamless adaptation, ensuring your content fits perfectly everywhere.

Effortlessly resize your video online

Quickly adjust your video dimensions online with Klap’s intuitive video resizer. Use this tool to effortlessly adapt your content to any social media or online platform. It guarantees that your content looks excellent on all devices while maintaining quality. It’s ideal for making videos flexible and attractive, regardless of where they are shared.

Scale your video clip to share anywhere

With Klap’s AI video resizer, you can seamlessly scale your video clips to match any platform’s requirements. This tool ensures your videos fit perfectly, from Instagram stories to YouTube uploads, enhancing engagement. Make your content adaptable and ready to captivate audiences everywhere while maintaining high-resolution quality.

Change the size while retaining quality with our video resizing tool

Maintain pristine video quality while adjusting the size to your specifications with Klap’s reliable video resizing tool. Quickly adapt your content for different platforms while maintaining clarity and detail, ensuring your videos stay impactful and professional. This AI-powered tool simplifies your editing process, letting you concentrate on creativity while it precisely manages the technical aspects of resizing the video.

How to resize videos with Klap instantly?

Upload your video

Start by uploading your video to Klap’s platform. It’s fast, secure, and user-friendly, setting the stage for seamless resizing.

Resize video with AI

Let Klap’s advanced AI technology take over, automatically adjusting your video’s dimensions to your desired size while ensuring optimal quality and aspect ratio.

Export & share

Once resizing is complete, download your video in its new dimensions or directly share it on your preferred platforms, maintaining high resolution throughout.

Features that make Klap better

AI editing

Klap’s AI editing revolutionizes video resizing. It ensures flawless results with minimal effort and adapts intelligently to your content’s needs.

Auto reframing

Automatically adjust your video’s frame to fit any platform perfectly while maintaining focus on the essential elements.

Engaging captions

Enhance viewer engagement with AI-generated captions, accurately synced to your resized video for maximum impact.


With user-friendly controls and choices, you can adjust your video’s dimensions to meet any need, ensuring your content always appears at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to resize a video?

Resizing a video means changing its size to ensure maximum platform and device compatibility without altering the original content. This adjustment can include modifying the video’s aspect ratio, width, height, or resolution to ensure it looks perfect on different devices or media formats. It’s crucial for tailoring video content for social media, websites, or personal viewing, ensuring your video appears great regardless of where it’s shown.

Can I resize a video for free?

You can resize videos for free using Klap’s AI video resizer. This tool allows you to adjust your video dimensions without any subscription. Whether you’re aiming for social media, a blog, or personal use, you can modify your video’s size and aspect ratio online, ensuring it fits wherever you share it. It’s an effortless way to create professional-looking content customized to your needs.

Can I resize videos for Instagram?

With Klap’s AI video resizer, resizing videos for Instagram is effortless. Adjust your videos perfectly for Instagram’s feed, stories, or IGTV. Change your content to the perfect aspect ratio, boosting your posts’ engagement and visual allure. This tool simplifies modifying your videos to match Instagram’s specifications, ensuring they appear excellent on any device.

How can I change video resolution online?

With Klap’s AI video resizer, adjusting your video resolution online is simple. Upload your video, choose your preferred resolution, and let the AI handle the rest. Improving your video’s clarity or tailoring it for various platforms is effortless. Our tool enables you to modify the resolution effectively, ensuring your video appears perfect on any screen. This convenient tool ensures your videos match your precise requirements accurately and easily.

Does resizing a video impact its quality?

Resizing a video might impact its quality, but Klap’s AI resizer minimizes this effect. It intelligently changes the video’s size, keeping the quality as high as possible. Whether enlarging or shrinking your video, its advanced algorithm maintains your original video’s clarity and detail, ensuring your content remains crisp and captivating across any platform or device.

How do you resize videos for YouTube Shorts?

To resize a video for YouTube Shorts, use Klap’s AI video resizer for a hassle-free process. Just upload your video, select the YouTube Shorts format, and the AI automatically adjusts your video to the perfect dimensions, ensuring your content is optimized for the platform, maintaining visual quality, and meeting the specific requirements for YouTube Shorts.