Video cropper

Easily crop and reframe your videos with Klap's AI video cropper

Effortlessly crop videos online with Klap’s AI-powered tool - refine, resize, and perfect your clips quickly, efficiently, and for free.

Crop your videos online in seconds

Instantly crop your videos to perfection with Klap’s intuitive online video cropper. Tailor your clips to fit any platform or style hassle-free. Our user-friendly tool makes precise cropping simple, keeping your video’s main subject front and center. Jump in and transform your content with our quick, efficient, free video cropping tool, designed for creators who value quality and speed.

Effortless video cropping anywhere, anytime!

Revolutionize your video content with Klap’s fast online cropper. Adjust, crop, and resize your videos to fit any format or social media platform. Our straightforward tool empowers you to quickly crop videos free of charge, ensuring your visuals are impactful and tailored just right. Embrace the simplicity of our service to enhance your video’s appeal and engage your audience like never before.

Share exceptional video clips to captivate your audience

Tweak your video’s composition and craft the ideal frame for the intended platform. Effortlessly modify your video’s dimensions by selecting the desired aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16) and achieve the correct sizing for social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

How to crop videos with Klap?

Upload your video

Start by uploading your video to Klap. Our platform simplifies your experience, setting the stage for perfect customization.

Crop with AI

Utilize Klap’s AI technology to crop your video effortlessly. Precision meets ease, ensuring your video fits your exact specifications and vision.

Export & share

Finalize your masterpiece with a few clicks and share it across any platform, captivating your audience instantly.

Features that make Klap better

AI editing

Experience the future of video editing with Klap’s AI: intelligent, swift, and seamless, transforming your clips with unmatched precision.

Auto reframing

Klap’s auto reframing intelligently adjusts your video’s aspect ratio, ensuring your content always looks its best on any platform.

Engaging captions

Captivate your audience with Klap’s automatically generated, compelling captions, enhancing viewer engagement and video accessibility.


With Klap, personalize your videos to perfection, using extensive customization options that cater to your unique, creative flair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI video cropper?

An AI video cropper is your brilliant editing buddy. It uses AI to crop and resize your videos, focusing on the best parts. This tool makes editing smooth, automatically tweaking your clips to fit any platform or style perfectly. It ensures your videos look tailor-made and spot-on, no matter where you show them. This technology makes video editing accessible, fast, and precise, revolutionizing how you create and share your visual stories.

How does an AI video cropper work?

An AI video cropper analyzes your footage using advanced algorithms to identify the most vital parts of the video. It then intelligently adjusts the frame, focusing on crucial subjects or actions, ensuring the final cropped video maintains the essence and message. This process simplifies video editing, enabling novices and professionals to achieve perfect framing and composition with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

What are the benefits of using an AI video cropper?

An AI video cropper is a game-changer. It speeds up editing by autocropping, guarantees spot-on results, and makes your videos compelling by highlighting essential parts. Super easy to use, it lets anyone edit like a whiz. Plus, it tweaks your videos to fit any platform beautifully, so they always look fantastic, no matter where you share them.

Can an AI video cropper automatically detect and crop subjects within a video?

An AI video cropper can automatically detect and focus on the main subjects within a video. It uses intelligent algorithms to identify critical elements, ensuring they remain central after the crop. This intelligent technology adapts to the video’s content, providing tailor-made cropping and highlighting the most important parts, making your video more impactful and engaging without manual intervention.

How accurate is the cropping process performed by AI video croppers?

AI video croppers are remarkably accurate, leveraging sophisticated algorithms to ensure the cropping is spot-on. They thoroughly analyze the video’s content, maintaining the integrity of critical scenes and subjects. This precision ensures the essential elements of your video are always in frame, enhancing the overall quality and viewer engagement. The tech behind our croppers is continuously refined, providing consistently reliable and precise results.

Can AI video croppers handle different video formats and resolutions?

AI video croppers are versatile tools supporting various video formats and resolutions. Whether working with standard definitions or high-resolution footage, these intelligent croppers adapt seamlessly, ensuring they crop your videos without losing quality. This compatibility makes them incredibly user-friendly, accommodating various file types and efficiently catering to all your video editing needs.