Scaling Your Business with Video Podcasting: A Lash Company's Success Story

Jan 15, 2024


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In the digital age, innovative strategies are essential for scaling your business. For entrepreneurs in niche markets, such as the beauty industry, leveraging unique content platforms can be particularly impactful. Let’s delve into how a lash company magnified their brand presence through video podcasting.

The Power of Niche Content

Mike and Shana Jones took their lash business to new heights by starting a video podcast—a decision that resulted in significant brand lift. Their approach was uncomplicated yet effective: a single 4K camera setup with a straight-through recording style. But what set them apart wasn't the technology they used; it was their novel angle on industry education.

Industry-Specific Insights

The Joneses identified an unmet need within their market—there were no podcasts addressing the business side of lash artistry. By filling this gap and sharing their wisdom and advice without unnecessary complexity, they positioned themselves as go-to experts within the field.

Practical Takeaways Without Frills

Each episode lasts about 25 minutes—a digestible length that holds listeners' attention while providing substantial insights. Notably, Mike and Shana opted out of intricate editing processes for their podcast episodes which simplifies production significantly.

The Role of Professional Support

While simplicity is key to consistency in content creation, professional support should not be underestimated. Omar from Think Media assists with editing tasks for Mike and Shana's podcast episodes—a reminder that having the right team ensures quality without burdening you with technical complexities.  

Action Steps for Entrepreneurs:

  1. Identify Unfilled Niches: Just like Mike and Shana found an untapped area within their industry, look for topics or formats not currently covered in your domain.

  2. Keep It Simple: Don’t get bogged down by overcomplicating your setup or process—simplicity can often lead to more sustainable content creation.

  3. Invest Wisely: While DIY approaches work well initially, consider investing in some level of professional support as you scale up to maintain quality standards without personal overwhelm.

Whether you’re part of a budding startup or running an established enterprise looking to grow further, embracing unconventional avenues like video podcasts could pave your path towards greater visibility and success.

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