Maximize Your Video Podcast Reach with a Platform Agnostic Strategy

Jan 15, 2024

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In the digital age, content creators often face the challenge of standing out in an oversaturated market. For video podcasters looking to expand their reach and maintain relevance, adopting a platform agnostic approach can be transformative. Let's explore how this strategy can drive new business and keep your content at the forefront of your audience's mind.

Embracing Multiple Platforms for Greater Visibility

When it comes to video podcasting, limiting yourself to one platform may restrict your potential audience. One creator, Jay, found that while his YouTube views were modest at 81 views per episode, branching out significantly increased his visibility. By also uploading episodes on LinkedIn, he saw a remarkable jump to 876 views—a testament to the power of a multi-platform presence.

The Micro Content Advantage

Jay didn't stop there; he leveraged micro content by creating highlight clips from his shows and tailoring them for each platform. These bite-sized pieces not only catered perfectly to shorter attention spans but also garnered an impressive 1,400 views on LinkedIn alone.

Customizing for Platform Nuances

A key element in Jay’s strategy is adapting intros and outros specifically for each platform while keeping the core show consistent across all mediums. This thoughtful customization allows him to respect each platform's unique environment without sacrificing brand consistency or message clarity.

Integrating Audio Across All Channels

The savvy use of audio cannot be understated when aiming for full spectrum coverage—Jay ensured that his show was available as audio content on various channels as well. This accessibility means reaching audiences who prefer listening over watching and tapping into users on platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Driving Business through Strategic Placement

Another smart move by Jay was embedding his video podcasts directly onto his website where potential clients are already engaged with related services—turning listeners into leads and leads into clients seamlessly within one ecosystem.

Keeping Content Fresh & Sales Up

Beyond client engagement, maintaining interest in products such as books is another benefit realized through regular podcasting—with every episode serving as subtle yet effective promotion that keeps offerings 'top of mind' among consumers.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Go Beyond YouTube: Don’t limit your podcast’s potential by sticking solely with YouTube; explore other platforms like LinkedIn where different segments of your target audience may reside.
  • Invest in Micro Content: Create micro-content from larger episodes tailored uniquely for each social media channel you utilize.
  • Customize Introductions: Adapt intros/outros according to the norms of individual platforms while keeping core messages uniform.
  • Expand Into Audio: Make sure audio versions are accessible across popular listening apps and directories.
  • Embed On Your Website: Use your site as another distribution point which could lead directly to conversions.
  • Promote Products Naturally: Integrate mentions or themes related to your products within episodes subtly promoting them alongside providing value.

Remember: Video podcasts have immense potential beyond just viewership—they can become integral parts of marketing strategies driving both engagement and revenue growth if utilized effectively across multiple platforms with deliberate intent!

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