Mastering Video Planning with Trello: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jan 15, 2024

Video Production

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Creating compelling video content starts long before the recording button is hit. It begins with meticulous planning and organization, which can be streamlined using a powerful tool like Trello. In this guide, you'll discover how to harness Trello for effective video planning that ensures your content resonates with your audience and meets demand.

The Initial Notes Phase

Start by gathering preliminary ideas in an "Initial Notes" column within Trello. This is where all potential topics are collected—a brainstorming hub for what might make engaging content for your viewers.

Practical Takeaway:

Use the Initial Notes column to freely add any video ideas that come to mind without filtering them yet.

Moving Into Research: MB Initial Research & Script Column

After jotting down notes, transition into the "MB Initial Research & Script" phase named after Mike from Primal Video who demonstrates its use. Here, dive into keyword research to validate there's interest in the topic you're considering. Understanding search patterns and relevant phrases guides you in shaping content that aligns with what people are actually looking for.

Practical Takeaway:

Do thorough keyword research at this stage to ensure there's a real demand for the proposed video topic.

JB Review For Validation

Once initial research and scripting drafts are completed, they move into a review stage—dubbed "JB Review." At this point, scrutinize both keyword findings and script outlines thoroughly before giving final approval on whether it merits further development or not.

Practical Takeaway:

Critically evaluate the research outcomes; only proceed with topics that have strong evidence of viewer interest and engagement potential.

Detailed Research & Scripting

Following approval comes detailed exploration in the "Detailed Research & Scripting" stage. Delve deeper into each aspect of your topic here, creating richly informed scripts ready for production—an essential step toward crafting impactful videos grounded in substance as well as style.

Practical Takeaway:

Invest time in expanding upon initial scripts based on comprehensive subject matter understanding—quality details translate to quality videos.

Understanding how tools like Trello can streamline your workflow transforms overwhelming tasks into manageable steps ensuring nothing falls through cracks while fostering creativity along every stage of video production process—from conception right up till final product hits screens everywhere.

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