Building a Stellar Nationwide Team of Advisors Through the Art of Storytelling

Jan 15, 2024

Team Building

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As professionals look to expand their reach and build robust networks, one question often arises: how do you inspire trust in your team so that clients are just as eager to work with them as they are with you? The answer lies in storytelling—a powerful tool that can transform the perception of your business.

Start From Day One

The journey begins from the moment you introduce your brand. Rather than selling yourself or an individual service, focus on presenting the collective strength of your nationwide team. This approach isn't about diminishing your role but rather highlighting a collaborative ethos where every member plays a crucial part in delivering exceptional service.

Share Your Vision and Values

Open up about what drives your company's mission—let people know who they're working with beyond names and titles. For instance:

"Hey everyone, welcome back! On episode 19 today, I'm astounded by all the listeners we've garnered since following Gary Vee's advice. Many have expressed interest in working directly with me; however, let me give some insight into my operation—I collaborate with a group of skilled advisors across the nation whom I personally vet for quality."

Embrace Transparency

When building trust through storytelling, honesty is paramount. Don’t shy away from sharing that while you may be the face they know, it’s actually an entire network making things happen behind the scenes:

"I need to be upfront—while many reach out hoping for direct interaction with me, chances are you'll engage more closely with my fantastic team members."

Practical Takeaways

  • Integrate Your Team Early: Bring team members onto public platforms like podcasts or webinars early on so potential clients get familiarized.

  • Tell Authentic Stories: Share real experiences demonstrating why each advisor is not only credible but also personable and relatable.

  • Set Clear Expectations: Manage client expectations by clearly stating how interactions will typically occur within your business structure.

Building a nationwide network doesn't require undercutting personal success—it demands amplifying it through unity and shared narrative. By leveraging storytelling effectively from day one and maintaining transparency throughout client interactions, customers will learn not just to respect but also embrace collaboration with every advisor under your banner.

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