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Jan 23, 2024

YouTube Optimization

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Creating content for YouTube is only half the battle; the other half is ensuring it reaches your target audience. One of the critical elements in enhancing your video's visibility lies in effectively using tags. This is where vidIQ steps into the spotlight, offering a powerful tool to elevate your tagging game.

Understanding vidIQ Tag Recommendations

vidIQ is an essential resource for any content creator looking to optimize their videos on YouTube. It provides tailored tag suggestions that can significantly improve your video’s searchability and relevance. By harnessing this free tool, you can bridge the gap between your content and viewers actively searching for topics you cover.

How to Use vidIQ for New Videos

When you're ready to upload a new video, take advantage of vidIQ's recommended tags feature:

  1. Upload Your Video: Start by uploading your video as usual.
  2. Navigate to Tags Section: Scroll down until you find the 'Tags' field.
  3. Explore Recommended Tags: Look out for suggested tags courtesy of vidIQ that align with your content.
  4. Add Relevant Tags: Pick relevant tags that resonate with what viewers might be searching for related to your topic or niche.
  5. Hit Next and Publish: Once satisfied with added tags, proceed to post your video.

With these simple steps, each new video will carry potent metadata increasing its chances of being discovered by interested viewers.

Updating Old Videos With Fresh Tags

Don't overlook past uploads! Refreshing old videos’ metadata can breathe new life into them:

  1. Go To YouTube Studio: Access 'YouTube Studio' and click on 'Videos'.
  2. Select A Video To Update: Choose an older video from your library.
  3. Edit Details: Click on 'Details' just like when initially uploading a video.
  4. Scroll To The Tags Section: Find where existing tags are listed at the bottom of this page.
  5. Modify Your Tags: Here you have complete freedom—remove outdated ones or inject fresh keywords based on current trends or insights from vidIQ.
  6. 7Save Changes: Remember always hit ‘Save’ after editing so changes reflect immediately.

Revisiting older posts ensures they remain competitive within searches and recommendations – never underestimate a good refresh!

Practical Takeaways: Actionable Tips For Better Tagging

To wrap things up succinctly:

  • Utilize tools like vidIQ not just intuitively but strategically; let data drive decisions about which keywords could give you an edge in discoverability
  • Don’t set-and-forget; periodically update old videos’ tags as well since evergreen content deserves ongoing attention
  • Balance specificity with breadth; choose both broad terms along narrower niches pertinent to individual pieces
  • Finally remember: more isn't always better—focus on relevancy over quantity when selecting which suggestions from Vid IQ make it onto each piece’s tag list

Tagging may seem trivial compared against creative aspects generating visuals/audio narratives yet without proper attention paid here much potential reach goes untapped - let Vid IQ assist turning mere uploads into view-magnets today!

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